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We are a Centaur.tech company that happens to serve you great food! We are ready to welcome you to the first ATCENTAUR’S restaurant of our international restaurant chain, at Neo Plaza, Nicosia, Cyprus.  We begin our journey from the small island of Cyprus, but we are only getting started.  The establishment of 12 ATCENTAUR’S Restaurants island-wide by the end of 2024, aims to put Cyprus on the culinary map.

Over 15 years of relentless passion in technology and thousands of research hours, but mostly the drive of our founder and visionary leader, will radicalise the way in which we delight our guests.

ATCENTAUR’S is part of a much bigger revolutionary plan. Once our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is completed with the establishment of 12 restaurants in all major cities in Cyprus by the end of 2024, we plan to expand our concept internationally. First stop is our founder’s headquarters in the UK, Cambridge – the birthplace of the idea. There, we aim to establish 12 restaurants by the end of 2026. Our international journey will then take us to Greece, Italy and Switzerland, with the establishment of 36 restaurants by the end of 2028.

ATCENTAUR’S is powerful because of how we bring people together. We celebrate with you, life’s little, important, and big moments, when many stories are created and told.

Aiming to create moments that will surprise you and exceed your expectations, by fostering a healthy and thriving culinary ecosystem with the integration of Talent, Data and Technology.

ATCENTAUR’S story embraces the meaning of real food, service excellence, experiences, flavours and conjuring up a feeling of love.

heat, temperature & love


Our message to you is powered by authenticity. All our proteins are prepared within 12 hours of low and slow cooking, with honest and healthy food wisdoms; served to you conveniently, with variety and affordability.

There is science, culture and taste behind our 12-hour slow cooking method:


Slow cooking breaks the meat’s membranes softly, making it easily digestible.


Similar methods have been used for thousands of years by most cultures around the world. Not only are the prime cuts used, but it tenderises the tougher meat parts, eliminating wastage.


Packing the biggest punch of all, making a tasty final product.

Endeavouring to showcase our brilliant craftmanship


Our purpose depends on redefining the way we do business and establishing enduring relationships, which we believe is one of the foundational pillars for building a great company worthy of lasting.

Steered by our heritage that is based on the core “philotimo” values, we offer value that will impact all our stakeholders and, at the forefront of this mission, our community.

Hence, with ethos, pathos, and logos we build real, honest, and sustainable relationships.

Close to our hearts is our Philotimo Cookies Foundation, inspired and created so that all proceeds be forwarded to research fighting childhood cancer.

Another campaign that makes us proud is our participation in the semi-annual Blood Donation Drive organised by Centaur Trust Group.  Keep following us and be informed for when it is your moment to give life.

ATCENTAUR’S exists to inspire you to create moments to cherish.

What's in our food


All our proteins, vegetables and salads have been responsibly sourced and are free of any preservatives and artificial ingredients. We have invested in separate, dedicated professional ovens for each of our meats and non-meats.  We have ensured that all our equipment is eco-friendly and streamlined cooking preparation processes with hi-tech precision to guarantee you consistency and quality with every meal! Having said that, we simply celebrate with you a culinary journey around the globe … our flavours, ingredients and themes are limitless. Keep an eye on our ATCENTAUR’S News.

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