Our Kids’ Character


We are excited to introduce to you the creator of MinY CHEF, Pavlos Christodoulou. Few will experience passion and meaning when working as Pavlos does; every project, every task is a piece of his soul. With this inspiration, our MinY CHEF character is lovable, mischievous and adventurous, projecting profound life values and purposes.

Be Your Unique Self

MinY CHEF truly believes that Happiness and Hope bring out the best in ourselves!

So, let’s pursue together these adventures with our adorable robot, and create great experiences!

Our culture empowers the greatness and better self of all individuals.

Our Ambassador

So, MinY CHEF serves as an ambassador of our brand, guiding our young guests through our life philosophy in a fun, relatable manner.

MinY CHEF, with a dedicated team, travels and learns from the world, to offer you lovable and exciting experiences and conquer your hearts and minds.

This is simply a complementary way in which we use technology to make us more human … This task will be MinY CHEF’s challenge, and nothing brings people together like GOOD, HEALTHY FUN!